Required for all operators of Winter Service equipment including Snowploughs, Gritters and Snow Blowers, this City & Guilds qualification is nationally recognised and enables successful candidates to be entered onto the national register of Winter Service Operatives and gain their NEREO Card.

WINTER SERVICE OPERATIONS (City & Guilds Scheme 6159)

This Course:

Designed for those required to drive and operate Winter Service vehicles and equipment


The mandatory Health & Safety Unit 680 is a classroom based one day course for a maximum of eight operatives and must be carried out before assessments can begin (vehicles/equipment will be required in the afternoon for discussion/inspection purposes).
Practical Assessments follow successful completion of the Unit 680. A maximum of two unit assessments per day are permitted i.e. two operatives requiring one unit each or one operative requiring two units.

Prior Knowledge:

Novice or inexperienced candidates should receive training/instruction and be given opportunities to drive the Winter Service Vehicles on the road with the plough mounted prior to attending for assessment.  This can be carried out “in house” by our clients or we can supply additional practical training prior to assessments being arranged.

Resources for Assessments:

Serviceable Winter Service vehicle appropriate to the Unit being assessed to include Snow Plough where appropriate.

Deicing Materials and Loading equipment (the Driver needs to see the vehicle correctly loaded with de-icing materials).

A wash-down facility with safe access and equipment that is in good working order (Washing down the vehicle forms part of the assessment).

Photographs are required for NEREO Registration Cards, these will be taken by our assessor at time of assessment.

Candidates must produce their current driving license for the vehicle group to be driven (or provide online access to DVLA records to the assessor).

The Assessor is permitted to act as an ‘assistant’ but only in direct response to the candidate’s instructions (eg. assisting in mounting/dismounting the plough).

Training cannot be carried out whilst the candidate is under assessment.

We strongly recommend that operatives should be thoroughly conversant with their gritting route.  If they are not they should be accompanied on drives with an experienced operative to gain knowledge prior to their own assessment.

Awarding Body:

City & Guilds Certification with NEREO Registration Card valid for 5 years.

Operative Units Available:

680 Winter Service Operations Health and Safety – This Unit is Mandatory for all Operatives

611 Prepare and operate winter service vehicles and equipment up to 3500kg including agricultural tractors

612 Prepare and operate winter service vehicles and equipment from 3500kg to 7500kg medium LGV

613 Prepare and operate winter service vehicles and equipment over 7500kg large LGV

615 Prepare and operate National Highways dedicated winter service vehicles.

650 Operate Highways Agency/National Assembly for Wales dedicated Rolba 400 or 1000 series snow blower

660 Operate dedicated snow blower

670 Operate demountable snow blower

Supervisory Unit:

621 Winter Service Operations – Supervision & Monitoring

Other Units are available for operation of vehicles only equipped with a Snow Plough.